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About Me

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit LP Therapeutic Counselling. This may be a start of a new journey for you, which can feel daunting. I would like to assure you this is normal. 

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lauren Poole and I am a Integrative Counsellor offering 1 to 1 therapy based in West Midlands. This means that I use different or combined approaches in order to suit your needs. I believe we can be beautifully complex and therefore, one type of counselling approach may not suit everyone or all of our personal issues.  I provide a safe, open and non-judgemental space to talk and work through your presenting difficulties together.

Life is tough at times, it might even feel tough all the time! This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and unable to enjoy life. Maybe you feel anxious, scared, lonely, angry or depressed? This may be affecting your relationships, work, social life or just life in general. 

You might want to just talk to someone about your struggles, someone you can trust and who will not judge you? Do you seek change but have no idea where to start? Maybe you want to understand yourself better? Has there been a loss of a loved one or relationship? Self-Esteem is low or seems non-existent. 

One or all of these you may have related to or you have your own struggles in mind. Counselling is an opportunity to talk through these struggles and worries.

Counselling can help you to understand yourself better whilst also being a good and healthy outlet. This can help when needing or wanting to make decisions in life. 

Perhaps you would like to explore different and healthier ways to cope and manage those struggles?

I offer long or short-term counselling to adults (aged 18 and over). Usually a therapy session is once a week for 50 minutes however, we can discuss what is appropriate in line with your circumstances and what seems beneficial for you.  

I look forward to starting this journey with you. - Lauren Poole

Please don’t hesitate to email, text, phone or complete the form below. 

(Registered Member of the BACP)

Previously provided counselling in a college setting. Currently offering my services in Private Practice and to a local charity. 

I work in various areas and regularly continue with training, workshops and supervision (CPD). In line with the BACP requirements. 


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